Perfect Pitch

Pitch coaching from early-stage venture capitalists

Looking to raise capital for your business in the future? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our free, online platform allows founders to present to seasoned VCs for valuable feedback.


How it works

We select four startups to present to our VC judges.

Present via Zoom (six minutes per startup).

VCs ask questions and provide valuable feedback (seven minutes per startup).

Judges rank the pitches from best to worst.

Winner announced. Entire event should take approximately one hour.

Benefits/criteria for startups

  • Valuable feedback – Our VCs review thousands of pitch decks per year. Our judges know what works.
  • Potential investors – All good VC firms are networked well, so do not be surprised if our VCs point you to excellent sources of capital for your business.
  • Startups must be contemplating a capital raise in the next 6 months of $250K or more, have a full-time founder(s), and be receptive to feedback.

Benefits/criteria for VCs

  • More exposure for your firm.
  • Potential source of deal flow.
  • A way to give back.
  • Current fund must be $5M+, $100K+ minimum check, and reviewing 25+ deals a month.

Pitch deck content

Some articles we and others have written regarding pitch decks:

Prior pitch coaching competitions

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March 30, 2022

Contact us today if you want practice your pitch or if you are an early-stage VC ready to help startups nail their pitch!

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